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Why I Eat Healthy Foods

My favorite fruits are apples and grapes. These give me the 1 1/2 cups of fruit i need daily. I also like to eat oranges and watermelons. I don't get these all year round, because they are seasonal fruits, but wish I did. These help give me my 1 1/2 cups of fruit, too. To stay healthy, I need to eat vegetables as well. As much as i don't like them, I force myself to eat salad every night so I stay healthy. On occaision I will have carrots, brocoli, or even celery. In the end, I get the 2 cups of vegetables I need every night. To get the 5 ounces of grains I need every day, I have some rice or bread. This will keep me from not losing too much weight. Although I don't care for milk, I still get the 3 cups I need everyday. I will have 2 cheese sticks in my lunch, and have ice-cream or yogurt, too. One thing I found interesting about the milk group, is that if you have milk products with high saturated fats and high colesterol, it doesn't count as part of your daily milk. I found this very interesting because I tend to have some saturated fats or high colesterol with my milk, and just learned I shouldn't, or should have more milk.

To stay physically fit, I eat healthy. Part of staying healthy is to eat fats. I know this sound completly strange and not something normal, but you are supposed to have 1800 calories if you are a 9-13 year old girl. I can say, for a fact, I have way more than this, but I have been cutting down lately so I stay healthy. I have been trying to have only 1800 calories, but it is really not possible. Lets hope I succeed!

One of my favorite candies is sour patch kids. The candy is fat free, making the missing fats made up somewhere else. For 16 pieces of sour patch kids, there are 140 calories. That means that for each little candy you eat you are digesting about 9 calories...EWW! Not only that, but you get 36 grams of carbohydrates in every 16 pieces, and 25 grams of sugar. Also, if you eat the whole entire pack at once, that would be 1400 calories. If you are a 9-13 year old girl, you would only be able to have another 400 calories that day, and then you have reached your maximum number for the day. This candy is definetly not the best choice!

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